icoutils - History

2005-04-30: icoutils 0.26.0 released.

First release on Savannah.
The home page has been redesigned, and as a result the README was slightly updated as well.
Fix a small warning in wrestool when compiling on 64-bit systems.

2005-04-23: icoutils 0.25.0 released.

Clarified license and copyright of files.
Updated dependencies list.
Added MANIFEST.sources file.
Somewhat better checks for libpng.
Mention that Windows(R) is a trademark.
Remove intl directory (gettext is now used externally instead).
Support localization through GNU Gettext (for all printed messages).
Updated help messages of most applications.
Somewhat better temporary file handling in extresso.

2005-04-17: icoutils 0.24.0 released.

Corrected script building in extresso subdirectory.
Add more gnulib modules for better compatibility and smaller code.
Better gnulib integration (now inside configure.ac) - autogen.sh gone.
Improve compatibility overall (as suggested by Matthew Cheetah Gabeler-Lee).
Applied Mac OS X 10.3 fixes from Kaoru Shirai.
Added support for broken NE files to wrestool (broken file contributed by Denilson F. de Sá).

2004-07-05: icoutils 0.23.0 released.

Fixed some #if/#ifndef typos (reported by Andrew Taylor).
Clean compat in maintainer-clean-local, not distclean-local (reported by
Colin Watson).
PNG images with gradual transparency were not always converted into 32bit icons (reported by Aaron Johnson).
--bit-depth=24 or 32 would create invalid icons (reported by Aaron Johnson).
Upgrade automake, autoconf and gnulib.

2003-11-04: icoutils 0.22.0 released.

Fixed a memory management bug in wrestool that would cause it to crash very often.
Fixed some compatibility related bugs in the configure script.
Check for libpng10 now (not properly but it works).
Fixed some Cygwin issues reported and patched by Denver Coneybeare (thanks!).

2003-09-28: icoutils 0.21.0 released.

Added RPM spec file (contributed by Sean Peirce, thanks).
Fixed a fatal reallocation bug in wrestool (I can't see why this wasn't discovered before), causing wrestool to print "premature end" incorrectly.
Added support for empty icons in wrestool (they're ignored), don't know why they are empty though (size in file is 0).
These bugs were resported by Sean (some other Sean).
Replaced the compat library with files from Gnulib.

2003-06-03: icoutils 0.20.0 released.

Added support for extracting and creating icons with 8-bit alpha (variable transparency). Previously there were only two levels of transparency: none and completely transparent (bug reported by Steve van Bennekom).
Link with -lz -lm since libpng requires it on some systems (bug reported by Götz Waschk).
Fixed some minor compilation warnings.

2003-05-26: icoutils 0.19.0 released.

Icotool can now extract and create icons with images larger than 255x255 (bug reported by Steve van Bennekom, thanks).
Improved some error messages in icotool.
Upgraded to autoconf 2.57 and automake 1.7.4.

2003-02-06: icoutils 0.18.0 released.

Fixed a bug with listing and extracting cursor files with hotspots other than (0,0) (reported by Simon Widmer).
Fixed typo in wrestool man page (reported by Sergey Baturov
through Debian maintainer Colin Watson).
Upgraded to autoconf 2.57 and automake 1.7.2.

2002-11-30: icoutils 0.17.0 released.

libcompat cleanups and compilation fixes for ia64.
icotool now accepts --output=- for standard out (patch submitted by Mario Wolff).
icotool -c now works on non big endian architectures (patch submitted by Fabien Ninoles through Colin Watson).
Pad with empty colors instead of the last one used.
Upgraded to autoconf 2.56 and automake 1.7.1.

2002-07-07: icoutils 0.16.0 released.

Images with two bits per pixel are no longer created (they don't seem to be supported by any other applications than icotool :).
Now uses new scripts from automake (configure would complain about an old `missing' script).
Applied patch from Pekka Pessi that fixed displaying of resource names in wrestool.
The --bit-depth option can now be used to specify a minimum bit-depth for images in create mode.

2002-06-04: icoutils 0.15.0 released.

Removed a forgotten debugging message.
Applied patch from Mathias Hasselmann:
Fixes a possible crash when creating icons with multiple images.
Implements an option -t, --alpha-threshold that specifies the maximal alpha level in the PNG image for portions which shall become transparent in the icon created.

2002-02-27: icoutils 0.14.0 released.

Complete rewrite of icotool:
Support for generating XPM files has been removed, now only extract to PNG images.
Added support for creating icon and cursor files!
Implemented support for all possible icons, 32-bit as well.
Documentation changed:
Added manual pages from debian package.
Removed the documentation, replacing it by the manual pages.
Updated README.

2002-01-18: icoutils 0.13.0 released.

Fixed possible relocation-bug in wrestool.
Implemented support for 16 million color icons in icotool.
Cleaned up code and Makefiles once again.
Upgraded to autoconf 2.52/automake 1.4-p4.
Updated documentation (corrected english).
The author has changed email-address to oskar@osk.mine.nu.

2001-03-19: icoutils 0.12.0 released.

Compilation fixes from Debian package maintainer Colin Watson.

2001-03-09: icoutils 0.11.0 released.

Updated the documentation.
icotool has been completely rewritten for cleaner code.
Preliminary support for big-endian machines is included in icotool (but not tested).

2001-02-22: icoutils 0.10.0 released.

Third release, which was done after the Wine headers were removed. The icoutils collection is not entirely licensed under the terms of the GPL.

1999-07-04: icoutils 0.9.0 released.

First release of icoutils.
icoutils contains some code from icoutil, but most has been rewritten.
The icotool applications replaces icoutil.
New applications are wrestool, extresso and genresscript.
extrico has been removed.

1999-02-04: icoutil 0.1.1 released

Second release.
Some minor fixes to documentation and possibly code.
extrico.exe is no longer released under the GPL license. (Instead it's uncopyrighted and free.)

1998-08-12: icoutil 0.1.0 released

First release.

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