hsh Project

hsh is the {Happy|Human|History} shell, a command-line driven user interface to your system. It has a full-screen curses interface instead of the scrolling terminal style output of traditional shells. It's already usable and supports most typical shell tasks, although there are many more features just waiting to be implemented.

The main purpose of hsh compared to a traditional shell is to make job output easier to work with. Each job's output is viewed and manipulated independently. This means, among other things, that you can incrementally create pipelines, and that a rampant process can't trash all the output of your session. Other purposes for hsh are:

  • Syntax designed for human use, not a programming language.
  • Dynamic configurable interface making useful information accessible.
  • Better job control and backgrounding features.
  • Protection from terminal-trashing processes.
  • Extensibility for new features.
  • Here's a little view of how hsh looks

    Your first glimpse


    Session List

    Current State

    hsh has just had its fifth alpha release, which provides a stable but basic feature set. It is usable for the majority of everyday user shell tasks, and I do already use it myself as my main shell. Upcoming releases will focus on refining the interface for usability and providing additional features.

    Learning More

    For downloads, more documentation, communication, etc. visit the Savannah project page: https://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/hsh/

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