]> HITWEB Project

I started this project in order to learn PHP and to manage my large collection of boormarks. For a few months, this project has been under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence, version 2 or later.
Later on, I redirected the project for creating a professional directory :

  • Automatic link check.

  • Users, moderators and administrators management.

  • Data import (Netscape's boormarks, csv files).

  • Reports providing accurate statistics.

Thanks to the Ecila team and more particularly to Loc DACHARY (senga.org) : I learnt
so many things from his professional directory.

I also wish to thank Emmanuel DECAEN : Chairman of the DECAEN company , specialized in the Websites' hosting, and Vice-president of the GUILDE association. I deeply acknowledge Emmanuel for the quality of his hosting.

This project would certainly be nothing if I have ever met Renaud DUHAUT : Network Administrator of the 13th B.C.A (Battalion of Alpine Hunters) and hitweb project hostmaster. He revealed the marvellous world of GNU/lunix and the Free Software culture to me.

To finish, I thank all the contributors to hitweb, of more particularly among them, Laurent PIRAM :
Independent expert in computer graphics, main creator of the hitweb's look and feel...
Thank you TILO for this interface and all your ideas...

And all people of the php-france mailing list.