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Halevt (HAL events manager) is a daemon that executes arbitrary commands when a device with certain properties is added to the system and when device properties change. Halevt uses HAL to monitor the state of your system's hardware.

Halevt can also report all the hal events that are emitted by hald (with the option on the command line).

Halevt comes with halevt-mount a program able to use HAL to mount, umount devices and keep a list of devices handled by halevt-mount.

Halevt design is heavily based on ivman.


Download and installation

Latest bugfix release:

Latest enhancement release:


halevt is based on the autotools, so installation should proceed with ./configure && make && make install.


There is an online manual for the halevt configuration, and pages for the halevt daemon, halevt-mount and hvmount. There is also a README included in sources. The default config file also has comments explaining the format. And last the commands have a -h switch to give help messages.

Mailing list

Discussions, user reports, bug reports and patches are handled on the Halevt mailing list.


Halevt development is hosted on Savannah. You may browse the current Halevt sources. You may also view the project pages.