The Windows Instructions page

Originally Gwyple was developed and exclusively used on Unix-lyke operationg systems (HP-UX, Solaris, Linux). But since such a fine OS may not always be available, some effort has been spent to make gwyple run on Windows.

Status (last update: september 2003)

The guy who announced that he was going to do it apparently lost interest, so the work is currently stalled. I have to think about doing it myself or dropping the plan. Anyone interested in taking this job?

The following gives some information about the environment needed for Gwyple on Windows.


Gwyple has been tested exclusively with Perl 631 from If we are informed about compability with other versions, we will include this information here.


Needed Modules

Get these from


lynx is needed to fetch bugreports via HTTP. If you need this, install lynx for Windows (see for details).


A fixed-width font must be used. The standard fixed fonts on Windows are systemfixed, oemfixed, and ansifixed.
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