The Gwyple TODO page

This text was originally adapted from the TODO file contained in the source distribution. Nowadays it's the other way around: The TODO file is generated from the HTML version (with lynx -dump).

TODO (development)


The current GUI (implemented in Perl/TK) has several limitations and is in need of a rework. This could be anything from modification of the existing code, to a redesign or even an exchange of the toolkit.

At the moment I'm really not into this, and my knowledge of Perl/TK is limited. So I stick with the old GUI, because it is there, it works, and it has the functionality I need. And somehow I like it. But if anybody is interested, I'll gladly hand over the GUI part.


I started working on this by creating module tests for ClearDDTS and Debian bug reports. These scan the files found in the testsuite and dump the contents of available attributes. Some benchmark results are calculated in the process, for what it's worth.

Results of the test run are provided together with the test suite.


evaluate more bugtracking systems:


Admin tasks

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