The Gwyple Backends Page

This page deals with the various backends that are officially or non-officially supported by Gwyple. More specific information may be found on seperate pages for specific backends.

Officially supported

The following bugtracking backends are officially supported by Gwyple.


ClearDDTS was the first bugtracking system which Gwyple supported from the beginning. The DDTS backend is documented on a seprate page.


The Debian Description Translation Project emits loads of bug reports for the translation of debian package descriptions into various languages. This backend helps with the task of handling them. It supports accepting of a proposed change, editing of translation changes, and closing of bug reports (btsclose).

See the DDTP page for documentation about this.

Officially un-supported

The following bugtracking backends are either unofficially supported or officially unsupported by Gwyple:


Bugzilla will be the next supported bugtracking system. Starting from GWYPLE-2.1.0, the source code for the Bugzilla backend is included in the Gwyple source distribution. Full support for Bugzilla is announced for GWYPLE-3.0.0.

Debian Bugtracking System

Bug reports from


The is still some code out there (maintained by Heinz Nagel) that deals with bug reports from Sablime. If someone is interested, I can probably dig it out. Currently it is not included in the Gwyple source distribution.

The Backend Template

The file provides example code that should help in the task to write a new backend. See this page for further information.

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