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14 (www server-utils modlisp)

The (www server-utils modlisp) module provides support for the implementing the Lisp side of the Apache mod_lisp protocol, in the form of a header-grokking protocol object for the big dishing loop, and a style elements object for the mouthpiece. When these objects are specified, the headers are read from (written to) the Apache front end in the form:

name #\lf value #\lf

with a lone ‘end\n’ to separate the headers from the body. Furthermore, on input, the headers must include method, url and server-protocol. On output, the status information (always output first) has the form:

"Status" #\lf nnn #\space msg #\lf

Note that this is in essense the same format as used for the headers, with name being ‘Status’ and value being ‘nnn msg’.

Object: modlisp-hgrok

An object suitable for the #:style argument to both make-big-dishing-loop (see big-dishing-loop) and receive-request (see parse-request).

Object: modlisp-ish

An object suitable as the optional style argument for string<-headers, compose-response and mouthpiece. See answer.

Although these are separate objects, you should probably use or not use them in conjunction, lest the front-end (Apache) server become confused.