Guile Library

(logging rotating-log)


This module defines a log handler for text logs that rotate when they get to be a user-defined size. This is similar to the behavior of many UNIX standard log files. See logging logger, for more information in general on log handlers.



This is a log handler which writes text logs that rotate when they reach a configurable size limit.

Keywords recognized by <rotating-log> on creation are:


This is the number of log files you want the logger to use. Default is 4.


This is the size, in bytes, a log file must get before the logs get rotated. Default is 1MB (104876 bytes).


This is the base of the log file name. Default is ``logfile''. Numbers will be appended to the file name representing the log number. The newest log file is always ``NAME.1''.


Allows the user to provide a function to use as the log formatter for this handler. See logging logger <log-handler>, for details.

Example of creating a <rotating-log>:

 (make <rotating-log>
      #:num-files 3
      #:size-limit 1024
      #:file-name "test-log-file"))