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7 Font Faces

Base class for font faces

7.1 Overview

<cairo-font-face> represents a particular font at a particular weight, slant, and other characteristic but no size, transformation, or size.

Font faces are created using font-backend-specific constructors, typically of the form cairo_backend-font-face-create, or implicitly using the toy text API by way of cairo-select-font-face. The resulting face can be accessed using cairo-get-font-face.

7.2 Usage

— Function: cairo-font-face-get-type (font-face <cairo-font-face-t>) ⇒  (ret <cairo-font-type-t>)

This function returns the type of the backend used to create a font face. See <cairo-font-type-t> for available types.

a font face
The type of font-face.

Since 1.2