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19th February, 2003:
Mr. Richard M. Stallman inaugurated Nixal and delivered an inspiring speech on "Free Software Movement and the GNU/Linux Operating System". Some pictures taken on that day can be found here.

Approx No. of Students Attending: 300
Venue: Conference Hall, NSEC

24th September, 2003:
An internal seminar was held to inform the new members of Nixal about the purpose of the group and a demonstration of Installation of GNU/Linux on a Pentium based PC was held.

Approx No. of Students Attending: 60
Venue: Project Lab, CSE

21st February, 2004:
An internal seminar was held. Prof. A. K. Bhattacharya (HOD Computer Science and Information Technology, NSEC) presented a seminar on "Distributed Computing with PVM". A workshop on "Configuring Apache Web Server" was held by Mr. Soumava Das (Faculty).

Approx No. of Students Attending: 50
Venue: Conference Hall, NSEC

18th September, 2004:

(GNU/Linux ADDA, September 2004)

A workshop on “GNU/Linux Basics” was held by the members of Nixal. The importance of Freedom of Software was discussed in the first half. The basic commands were discussed in the second half. A GNU/Linux - Quiz on the discussed topics was held and on the basis of the correct answers 30 free CD's of GNU/Linux were distributed.

Approx number of students attending: 250
Venue: Conference Hall, NSEC

9th October, 2004:
(GNU/Linux ADDA, October 2004)

Mr. Malay Mitra, System Administrator, TATA Tea Ltd. presented a workshop on “Linux Systems Programming”. The Principal, NSEC, The Director, NSEC and The HOD CSE & IT, NSEC were present on the occasion. Various aspects of systems programming were discussed interactively.

Approx number of students attending: 100
Venue: Conference Hall, NSEC