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CD Collection

We have a collection of GNU softwares listed below. We would very much like to distribute copies of those softwares. Please note that any nominal charges taken would include only cost of CD's and writing. If you are a member of this group and you have some free softwares which are not included here and you want to distribute those, you can contact the coordinators and moderators of the group.

  • 11 cd pack of Debian GNU/Linux distribution.
  • 4 cd pack of Debian GNU/HURD Operating System.
  • 3 cd pack of Redhat 8, 3cd pack of Redhat 9, 3cd pack of Fedora Core 
  • 2 cd pack of Mandrake 9.1
  • Knoppix, customized tar files of xmms (Multimedia player including mp3) and xine (Video player) etc.