The editor's toolbar screenshot

In the table below are the various buttons explained you may use for editing.

Table 3.1. AGS editor toolbar controls table.

cursor You may want to set the cursor to paste notes at the position where it is located.
notes Add notes by clicking within the piano roll and move to till them having the wished duration.
delete Delete notes by clicking on the note you don't want anymore.
select Select notes to copy or cut them.
copy Copy notes to the clipboard.
cut Cut notes to the clipboard.
paste Paste the previously copied or cutted notes at the cursor position or just insert them where they are/were located.
invert Invert entire notation in conjunction with reverse mapping or MIDI import.

Editing tools

The tools menu button contains items that opens dialogs to do common editing tasks. Like move, crop or select notes.

Move notes

The move note dialog screenshot

The move notes dialog allows you to move selected notes to a given position.

Table 3.2. AGS move note dialog controls.

relative Radio button to choose relative positioning. The x- and y-offset are going to be added to current selections insets.  
absolute Radio button to choose absolute positioning. The x- and y-offset are goint to be added to most upper-left position x = 0 and y = 0.  
x The x-offset to position the selected notes.  
y The y-offset to position the selected notes.  

Crop notes

The crop note dialog screenshot

The crop notes dialog allows you to crop selected notes to a specified width or insert desired padding. Per default the values are added or subtracted of each note and doesn't require any additional space.

Table 3.3. AGS crop note dialog controls.

absolute Modify behavior of crop, if checked it does use crop note control as absolute value, rather than add/subtract the value of current insets.  
in-place Radio button to specify that all crop happens in-place i.e. no additional space is used.  
do resize Radio button to specify that all crop adds some extra space i.e. the padding is increased as well.  
crop note Set the crop note value to resize the selected notes. This may be a relative or absolute value.  
padding Set the padding per tic to use.  

Select notes

The select note dialog screenshot

The select note dialog allows you to select notes of given position and region.

Table 3.4. AGS select note dialog controls.

copy selection Check button to say if you would like to copy selection to clipboard.  
select x0 Set the x0 offset of region to select.  
select y0 Set the y0 offset of region to select.  
select x1 Set the x1 offset of region to select.  
select y1 Set the y1 offset of region to select.