I began to code with C in spring 2002 and hadn't much programming skills, yet. You may ask me why the C programming language? Well, my friend who was already a convient free software user and hacker recomended me it. He told me that C is a standard on Unix like operating systems so it would be a good choice.

After started with language basics and several discussions with my friend about pointers he advised me of Gtk+. While I was doing my first steps in GUI programming with C, I was sure to extensively use it and became a persuaded free software user and programmer.

A year later I really understood the object orientated matter of GObject and how to write objects and widgets myself. C wasn't like Java where you just couldn't implement no classes just everything was a class or at least a method.

First output with AGS happend via Open Sound System device drivers but the entire application lacked of a thread safe concept. But for now you may write tasks.

Be part of the fun.