The basic lifecycle of an effect

In this section I'll introduce the keyword run which can be understood as a playing instance. But I rather talk about run because it's not guaranted that the recall outputs directly to a device.

AgsRecall life-cycle

The implemented effect as a subclass of AgsRecall resides as template on the appropriate AgsAudio or AgsChannel.

When recycling changes on input, new AgsRecallRecycling will be added. This class function may be of relevancy:

As a new run occures the AgsRecallAudioRun and AgsRecallChannelRun will be duplicated, dependencies resolved, state initialized and enter the play loop hierarchy. These class functions will be called on the recall:

Further processing:

As soon as an add_audio_signal event will be emitted on an AgsRecycling, the AgsRecallAudioSignal subclass will be instantiated which performs audio stream manipulation. These class functions will be called on the recall:

When you're done with processing call: