LV2 plugins

AgsLv2Conversion — Conversion of values
AgsLv2EventManager — event manager
AgsLv2LogManager — allow lv2 plugins to log
AgsLv2Manager — Singleton pattern to organize LV2
AgsLv2OptionManager — option manager
AgsLv2TurtleParser — The lv2 turtle parser class
AgsLv2TurtleScanner — The lv2 turtle scanner class
AgsLv2Plugin — The lv2 plugin class
AgsLv2PresetManager — Singleton pattern to organize LV2 presets
AgsLv2Preset — LV2 presets
AgsLv2UriMapManager — lv2 uri map manager
AgsLv2UridManager — LV2 urid manager
AgsLv2Worker — LV2 worker thread
AgsLv2WorkerManager — manage workers
AgsLv2uiManager — Singleton pattern to organize LV2UI
AgsLv2uiPlugin — The lv2ui plugin class

The LV2 plugin objects.