Audio tasks - Data exchanged between Audio and GUI

AgsAddAudio — add audio object to application context
AgsAddAudioSignal — add audio signal object to recycling
AgsAddNote — add note object to notation
AgsAddSoundcard — add soundcard object to context
AgsApplyBpm — apply bpm
AgsApplyPresets — apply presets
AgsApplySequencerLength — apply sequencer length to delay audio
AgsApplySoundConfig — apply sound config
AgsApplySynth — apply synth to channel
AgsApplySF2Synth — apply Soundfont2 synth to channel
AgsApplySF2MidiLocale — apply Soundfont2 synth template
AgsApplySFZSynth — apply SFZ synth to channel
AgsApplySFZInstrument — apply SFZ synth template
AgsApplyTact — apply tact to delay audio
AgsCancelAudio — cancel audio task
AgsCancelChannel — cancel channel task
AgsClearAudioSignal — clear audio signal object
AgsClearBuffer — switch buffer flag of device
AgsCropNote — crop notation
AgsExportOutput — export output task
AgsFreeSelection — free selection object
AgsLinkChannel — link channel task
AgsMoveNote — move notation
AgsOpenFile — open file task
AgsOpenSingleFile — open single file
AgsOpenSf2Instrument — open Soundfont2 instrument
AgsOpenSf2Sample — open Soundfont2 sample
AgsOpenSFZFile — open SFZ file
AgsOpenWave — open wave
AgsRemoveAudio — remove audio of application context
AgsRemoveAudioSignal — remove audio_signal object from recycling
AgsRemoveNote — remove note object from notation
AgsRemoveSoundcard — remove soundcard object of application context
AgsResetNote — reset note internal
AgsResetFxPeak — reset fx peak
AgsResetFxAnalyse — reset fx analyse
AgsResizeAudio — resize audio task
AgsSeekSoundcard — seek soundcard object
AgsSetAudioChannels — resizes audio channels
AgsSetBufferSize — adjust buffer size
AgsSetDevice — set device
AgsSetFormat — reset format
AgsSetMuted — set muted
AgsSetSamplerate — modify samplerate
AgsStartAudio — start audio object to audio loop
AgsStartChannel — start channel object to audio loop
AgsStartSequencer — start sequencer object
AgsStartSoundcard — start soundcard object
AgsStopSequencer — stop sequencer object
AgsStopSoundcard — stop soundcard object
AgsStopThread — stop all threads
AgsSwitchBufferFlag — switch buffer flag of device
AgsTicDevice — tic device object
AgsTogglePatternBit — toggle the pattern

Tasks ensure to be run conflict free asynchrononous exclusively.