Audio OSC - OSC server

AgsOscServer — the OSC server
AgsOscConnection — the OSC server side connection
AgsOscMessage — the OSC server side message
AgsOscResponse — the OSC server side response
AgsOscController — base OSC controller
AgsOscActionController — OSC action controller
AgsOscConfigController — OSC config controller
AgsOscExportController — OSC export controller
AgsOscFrontController — OSC front controller
AgsOscInfoController — OSC info controller
AgsOscMeterController — base osc_meter_controller
AgsOscNodeController — OSC node controller
AgsOscPluginController — provide abstract OSC controller
AgsOscRenewController — OSC renew controller
AgsOscStatusController — OSC status controller

The Open Sound Control server and controllers. Every request is passed through the front controller. It delegates the request to the requested controller. Each controller has its own context path to match.