Fx Engine - volume and envelope

AgsFxVolumeAudio — fx volume audio
AgsFxVolumeAudioProcessor — fx volume audio processor
AgsFxVolumeAudioSignal — fx volume audio signal
AgsFxVolumeChannel — fx volume channel
AgsFxVolumeChannelProcessor — fx volume channel processor
AgsFxVolumeRecycling — fx volume recycling
AgsFxLowPassAudio — fx low pass audio
AgsFxLowPassAudioProcessor — fx low pass audio processor
AgsFxLowPassAudioSignal — fx low pass audio signal
AgsFxLowPassChannel — fx low pass channel
AgsFxLowPassChannelProcessor — fx low pass channel processor
AgsFxLowPassRecycling — fx low pass recycling
AgsFxHighPassAudio — fx high pass audio
AgsFxHighPassAudioProcessor — fx high pass audio processor
AgsFxHighPassAudioSignal — fx high pass audio signal
AgsFxHighPassChannel — fx high pass channel
AgsFxHighPassChannelProcessor — fx high pass channel processor
AgsFxHighPassRecycling — fx high pass recycling
AgsFxEq10Audio — fx eq10 audio
AgsFxEq10AudioProcessor — fx eq10 audio processor
AgsFxEq10AudioSignal — fx eq10 audio signal
AgsFxEq10Channel — fx eq10 channel
AgsFxEq10ChannelProcessor — fx eq10 channel processor
AgsFxEq10Recycling — fx eq10 recycling
AgsFxEnvelopeAudio — fx envelope audio
AgsFxEnvelopeAudioProcessor — fx envelope audio processor
AgsFxEnvelopeAudioSignal — fx envelope audio signal
AgsFxEnvelopeChannel — fx envelope channel
AgsFxEnvelopeChannelProcessor — fx envelope channel processor
AgsFxEnvelopeRecycling — fx envelope recycling

Volume adjustment or mute and envelope of audio data.