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Welcome to the home page of the GNUstep Core Data framework project. This project aims to produces a free implementation (licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License or LGPL) of the Core Data framework, as released by Apple Computer Inc. in their Mac OS X release 10.4 (Tiger) operating system.

The project is yet young and not very functional, but also you can change that. Download it, try to compile it, install it, use it and tell us about any trouble or suggestions you have. Or even better, join the project as a developer and help shape GNUstep Core Data into the kind framework you would want to use for everyday development. It is never too late to say YES.

Project News

9. June 2006

Well, after a long period of not having time to work on the project, I'm continuing work on it. Let's hope it will progress fast, as many people seem to rely on it.

As a side note, all of the project's source code now lives in a Subversion repository outside of Savannah, so you might want to checkout that.

30. Sep 2005

DataBuilder is nearing it's usable state. Although much remains to be done, the 0.1 release is getting closer and closer. (N.B. I (Sašo) prefer to release programs when they are already quite stable and usable. That's why 0.1 means 'almost done, most stuff debugged, some flaws may still exist, some small parts remain to be done'. :-)).

13. Sep 2005

Progressing steadily. All of the data model-related stuff is implemented and parts of the actual context functionality is raising from the ashes too.

Also, an application named DataBuilder is now part of the project. It is inteded to be the equivalent of the data modelling tool in Apple's Xcode. It is by far not done yet, so no release version is available yet, but you can access the current working version through CVS -- just look in the DataBuilder subdirectory.

In more detail

The following classes have already been implemented:

  • NSAttributeDescription
  • NSEntityDescription
  • NSFetchRequest
  • NSFetchedPropertyDescription
  • NSManagedObjectID
  • NSManagedObjectModel
  • NSPropertyDescription
  • NSRelationshipDescription
  • NSPropertyDescription

The following classes need finishing touches:

  • NSManagedObject

And finally, the following hard nuts need to be cracked:

  • NSManagedObjectContext
  • NSPersistentStoreCoordinator
  • GSSQLitePersistentStore
  • GSXMLPersistentStore
  • GSBinaryPersistentStore
  • GSInMemoryPersistentStore

At least until this last list is clean, GNUstep Core Data won't be any useful.