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Thu Nov 20 07:46:42 SAST 2003


grokedb is a software project hosted on Savannah under the General Public License (GPL) for my own use. It is a database client able to access different database systems using driver plugins. Developers can write plugins for their database and use them for both grokedb and other applications. Since grokedb can access different databases, it is possible to access data between two otherwise incompatible systems.


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grokedb is pronounced grohk-dee-bee, but is an acronym for grok every data base. According to The Jargon File (4.3.0, Apr 2001), grok is defined as (emphasis added):

grok /grok/, var. /grohk/ vt. [common; from the novel "Stranger in a
   Strange Land", by Robert A. Heinlein, where it is a Martian word meaning
   literally `to drink' and metaphorically `to be one with'] The emphatic
   form is `grok in fullness'. 1. To understand, usually in a global sense.
   Connotes intimate and exhaustive knowledge. Contrast zen, which is
   similar supernal understanding experienced as a single brief flash. See
   also glark. 2. Used of programs, may connote merely sufficient
   understanding. "Almost all C compilers grok the `void' type these days."

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