Grip, a Grip of Really Important Procedures, is a Guile scheme toolbox currently composed of Grip itself, Grip-SQLite, Grip-Gnome and Grip-Clutter.

Grip, Grip-SQLite and Grip-Gnome are mostly used by GNU Foliot, a small and easy to use time keeping application entirely written in Guile.

Note: Grip, Grip-SQLite and Grip-Gnome need to be and will be rewritten, I started already, you'll spot that by yourself in the code if you visit it: indeed, they come from old times, when I could not trust the Guile's module system, Goops ... and myself [as a schemer :)].

Grip-Clutter is recent and reasonably well designed and coded, despite some Goops problems, which we're working on with Guile's maintainers, but it still needs more and some app(s) to proove this. So no fixed API yet either. It has some good Clutter examples, more to come soon.

So, all this said, you are welcome to try and use Grip, keeping the above in mind, come and help to get it better designed, coded and debugged, thanks!

Latest News

February the 9th, 2016

Grip version 0.1.1 is released. See here for further details and older news.

The name

The term Grip is from the early era of the circus. See the following Wikipedia, page for a full description, where you’ll read the following extract:

... From there it was used in vaudeville and then in today’s film sound stages and sets. Some have suggested the name comes from the 1930s–40s slang term for a Tool Bag or Grip that these technicians use to carry their tools...


Grip also has a [non GNU] Savannah project page.


Grip is a free software, distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License GPLv3 or higher. You must be aware there is no warranty whatsoever for Grip. This is described in full in the license.