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What is greenbeans?

greenbeans is a java program which generates source language wrapper code for database stored procedures.

When dealing with intricate SQL data models one very effective ploy for managing the complexity it so create stored procedures, subroutines written in some database specific language which can perform certain tasks and be called from the client.

For example, Oracle has the PL/SQL language which allows the creation of complex procedural code within the database schema. PostgreSQL supports a PL/SQL look-a-like language and also supports stored procedures written in Perl or TCL.

A call to a stored procedure is, conceptually, very much like a remote method invocation. Get a handle to a procedure, package some arguments and then make the call and manage the result.

However, the language bindings for most stored procedure implementations can be complex, and they obscure the conceptual nature of the remote method call.

greenbeans solves this problem. Using greenbeans you can generate wrappers for stored procedures resident within certain database schemas. The wrappers are more natural for your target language.

Right now, greenbeans only supports Java. When you run greenbeans against a database schema you will get one class defined for every stored procedure you want to access. You can compile the generated source files to class files and immediately integrate stored procedures into your application.

In the near future we want greenbeans to support other languages. We also want greenbeans to be able to generate .class files directly.

What are the advantages of greenbeans?

How you can help

You can help us develop greenbeans. We have our project management on the FSF's savannah system. You can join us there and help us develop greenbeans. You might even want to help us add your favourite programming language to the list of supported languages.

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