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gpx::Degrees Class Reference

Decimal degrees. More...

#include <Degrees.h>

Inheritance diagram for gpx::Degrees:
gpx::Decimal gpx::Node

Public Member Functions

 Degrees (Node *parent, const char *name, bool mandatory=false)
virtual ~Degrees ()
virtual bool validate (std::ostream *report=0) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from gpx::Decimal
 Decimal (Node *parent, const char *name, bool mandatory=false)
virtual ~Decimal ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from gpx::Node
 Node (Node *parent, const char *name, bool mandatory)
virtual ~Node ()
const std::string & name () const
virtual const std::string & value () const
bool mandatory () const
bool used () const
void used (bool value)
virtual void value (std::string value)
Nodeparent () const
std::list< Node * > & attributes ()
std::list< Node * > & elements ()
virtual NodebuildAttribute (const char *name, std::ostream *report=0)
virtual NodebuildElement (const char *name, std::ostream *report=0)
virtual Nodebuilt ()
virtual bool write (std::ostream &output, int level) const
void indent (std::ostream &output, int level) const

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from gpx::Node
void insert (const char *name, Node *node)
void filter (const char *name, std::list< Node * > &nodes)
bool isExtension ()

Detailed Description

Decimal degrees.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gpx::Degrees::Degrees ( Node parent,
const char *  name,
bool  mandatory = false 


parentthe parent node
namethe name of the attribute or element
mandatoryis the attribute or element mandatory ?
gpx::Degrees::~Degrees ( )


Member Function Documentation

bool gpx::Degrees::validate ( std::ostream *  report = 0) const

Validate the Degrees object

reportthe optional report stream
is validation succesfull

Reimplemented from gpx::Decimal.

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