The GOSSIP Simulation Environment


The module gossip-ed will provide a program to construct simple hierarchical blocks in an interactive, graphical way. It will also have features to start and control simulations.


The goal of gossip-ed is primarily to make it easier to get started with GOSSIP and to provide convenience when doing simple things. It is not meant to replace the more powerful textual descriptions that gossip-sim reads. However, it should integrate well with these textual programs so that it is possible to combine both methods easily in one simulation. One important function of gossip-ed will of course be to have something catchy to show to the people.

There is no detailed design for gossip-ed right now, but we have a more or less solid foundation so that the rest of gossip-ed can be written mostly in Scheme.

Mockup and Tutorial

We currently have a mockup of a schematic entry tool that is quite useable. Please follow the tutorial (with screenshots!) to find out how to use it.