About Gnomolicious

Gnomolicious is an GNOME applet that help you post links on the del.icio.us site simply by drag'n'dropping them.

Gnomolicious is project written in python using the pygtk bindings. The library used to connect on the del.icio.us API was the work of Frank Timmermann. I now use my own implementation of this, mainly because it offered me the opportunity to play with lxml a pythonic binding for the libxml2 and libxslt libraries.

Gnomolicious in action

Here are some view of gnomolicious in action. I have tried to make the integration of this applet in the desktop environment as smooth as possible.

Adding the applet to the panel

Adding the applet to the GNOME panel

The applet and its menu

The applet and its menu

The connection preferences tab The UI preferences tab

The preference window

Posting an URL to del.icio.us

Posting an URL to del.icio.us.

Searching pages via del.icio.us tags

The deskbar applet uses the dbus interface to find pages matching some tags.

Installing Gnomolicious

In order to install gnomolicious, you need the GTK/GNOME bindings for python. These can be found on the pygtk website and on the GNOME website.

Then you should grab the sources either from the current CVS version or from the last released tarballs

Once you have installed these. You are ready to run setup.py install in the base directory of the package.

If you encounter problems installing this software do not hesitate to post a request for help.

Stuffs and other things to do

This is still a first draft, it's working but there are a lot of stuff that would really render this applet way more usefull.