The GNU Modula-2 front end to GCC



    Description: provides a mechanism to open a server socket
                 as an ISO Modula-2 channel.

FROM ChanConsts IMPORT FlagSet, OpenResults ;

   OpenSocketBindListen - opens a TCP server socket.  The socket
                          is bound to, port, and will allow, listen,
                          pending connections.  The result of these
                          combined operations is returned in, res.

PROCEDURE OpenSocketBindListen (VAR socketid: ChanId;
                                port: CARDINAL; listen: CARDINAL;
                                VAR res: OpenResults) ;

   OpenAccept - attempts to open a new channel whose
                input/output capability is determined by,
                flags.  The result of this attempt is returned
                in res.

PROCEDURE OpenAccept (VAR cid: ChanId; socketid: ChanId;
                      flags: FlagSet; VAR res: OpenResults) ;

   Close - if the channel identified by cid was not opened as
           a server socket stream, the exception wrongDevice is
           raised; otherwise closes the channel, and assigns
           the value identifying the invalid channel to cid.

PROCEDURE Close (VAR cid: ChanId) ;

   IsSocket - tests if the channel identified by cid is open as
              a server socket stream.

PROCEDURE IsSocket (cid: ChanId) : BOOLEAN ;

END ServerSocket.