The GNU Modula-2 front end to GCC



    Description: provides a set of procedures which translate
                 floating point numbers to their String equivalent.
                 This is not part of the ISO standard, but it is
                 used by a number of ISO modules.

FROM DynamicStrings IMPORT String ;

   RealToFloatString - converts a real with, sigFigs, into a string
                       and returns the result as a string.

PROCEDURE RealToFloatString (real: LONGREAL; sigFigs: CARDINAL) : String ;

   RealToEngString - converts the value of real to floating-point
                     string form, with sigFigs significant figures.
                     The number is scaled with one to three digits
                     in the whole number part and with an exponent
                     that is a multiple of three.

PROCEDURE RealToEngString (real: LONGREAL; sigFigs: CARDINAL) : String ;

   RealToFixedString - returns the number of characters in the fixed-point
                       string representation of real rounded to the given
                       place relative to the decimal point.

PROCEDURE RealToFixedString (real: LONGREAL; place: INTEGER) : String ;

END ConvStringLong.