The GNU Modula-2 front end to GCC

Building GNU Modula-2 under Cygwin

GNU Modula-2 now builds under Cygwin. The Cygwin version used was gcc -version 3.4.4, gdc 0.12 using dmd 0.125. The following set of commands were used to build GNU Modula-2.

$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ ../gcc-4.1.2+gm2-git-latest/gm2/gcc-versionno/configure \
  --prefix=/gm2/opt \
  --disable-multilib --enable-checking=all \
$ make

GNU Modula-2 can be installed by:

$ make install

You now need to modify your path to include gm2. This is done by:

$ export PATH=/gm2/opt/bin:$PATH

and now you can try out the hello world example:

$ cd ../gcc-10.0.1/gcc/gm2/examples/hello
$ make
$ ./a.exe