The GNU Modula-2 front end to GCC

Building GNU Modula-2 grafted on the gcc-8.2 branch

This is the current stable release of GNU Modula-2. It currently builds cleanly under Debian Stretch (x86_64 and i686) and at the time of writing there are 18 regression failures on the above platforms (access to builtin setjmp and longjmp fails).

The internals of GNU Modula-2 have been heavily overhauled, in particular the code interfacing the Modula-2 front end and the interface to the construction of GCC Trees. This should mean that maintenance is easier in the future and it should reduce the time to graft gm2 onto future gcc releases. In addition, the changes will allow for integer overflow to be detected and a new plugin to detect semantic errors is automatically utilized.

This version of gm2 can also be built as a cross compiler.

See the next section for instructions on how to build the compiler.