The home of the GNU Modula-2 compiler

GNU Modula-2 is about to go into the GCC tree for the development branch (GCC-12). In time it will be back ported to GCC-11. At the time of writing the gcc-11 graft is the stable release.

users Stable release of gm2 (branch gm2-11)
git clone gm2-floppsie
git checkout gm2-11

Documentation for GNU Modula-2 on GCC-11.

installing Current development branch (in gcc 12)
git clone git:// gcc-git-devel-modula2
cd gcc-git-devel-modula2
git checkout devel/modula-2

This is in the process of migrating into the GCC tree.

Documentation for GNU Modula-2 on GCC-12.

library Other snapshots.

Binaries can be found under the Platforms tab.