GNU/Linux voor middelbare scholen

Project description:

Note: this manual is in DUTCH

We are creating a manual about using GNU/Linux in schools. The manual consists of three parts: a global introduction to GNU/Linux, setting up a stand alone GNU/Linux computer and setting up a GNU/Linux server. This manual will be used begin 2003 in lessons given to ICT coordinators in Belgium. Although the manual will be in Dutch we hope that someone will translate it for us. For the stand alone computer we are using Mandrake GNU/Linux, and for the server computer we are using Debian GNU/Linux. We will also refer to other GNU projects that involve education.

Important links:

Who are we?

The most of us are students at the University of Ghent and we are member of ZeusWPI. You can see the developers list here.

About the course

This course is in Dutch, so the rest of the information here will be in Dutch.

De cursus bestaat uit drie delen:

  1. GNU/Linux als Besturingssysteem (achtergrondinformatie): info en inschrijven
  2. GNU/Linux als Desktop: info en inschrijven
  3. GNU/Linux als Server: info en inschrijven

We need your help!

We can use all the help we can get! [Dutch] Heb je zin om mee te werken, zij het nu schrijven van een stukje of het overlezen neem dan contact op met ons.

Contact information!

You can contact us: (replace _AT_ with @) if you have any questions or if you want to join our project.

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