GetHT is a free application for GNU/Linux to download PDF issues of Hinduism Today.

Screenshot of GetHT in action

NOTE: GetHT is no longer very useful or maintained, as Hinduism Today now make all issues available directly from their website.

There are several reasons one may consider GetHT instead of the official client, including native GNU/Linux support, proxy support, and greater control of what is downloaded.

GetHT is free software released under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).


A summary of the options for GetHT can be found by running the application without any arguments. A more detailed explanation of each option is given in the man page.

Additional documentation is available in the documentation section.


If you run into any problems, please do get in contact using the mailing list, which anybody can post to.

Also, if you find a bug (as is quite likely this early in development) please do take a moment to post a bug report.


More information can be found about the project at its project page. It's written entirely in C, using libxml and libcurl behind the scenes.


GetHT is written and maintained by Nick White.