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FTP is a compact and handy application for file transfers using the FTP protocol (RFC 765)

Current version: 0.4, released: 2013-04-08

FTP is a file transfer application (RFC 765) featuring a compact and easy interface. As most applications in GAP it tries to work on both GNUstep and MacOS X and retain the utmost possible simlilarity among the two version to ease working in both environments.

FTP supports different port arbitration modes: "default", standard "PORT" (also known as active) and standard "PASV" (also known as passive).

Feature wishlist:

on GNUstep:

Version 0.3 Running on Windows 7 with the WinUXTheme:
ftp grab

Showing the log window in the background (v0.2):
ftp grab

The main transfer window in 0.1:
ftp main