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Wrapping an Enumerate Type

When wrapping a whole C enumerate type, G-Wrap proposes an interface which is more convenient than wrap-constant! (see Wrapping a C Constant).

— method: wrap-enum! (wrapset <gw-wrapset>) . args

Add the enumerate values defined by args to the list of constants to be wrapped by wrapset. The arguments in args must contain the following named parameters:

a symbol that is the name for this wrapped type as used within the G-Wrap framework;
a string that is the C name of this enumerate type;
a list of symbol/string pairs defining the mapping between C values and their counterpart in the target language; each pair's car is a symbol representing the name for this value in the target language; each pair's cdr is a string representing this value in C;
an optional description of this enumerate type.

This can be used as follows:

          (wrap-enum! my-wrapset
                      #:name 'errcode
                      #:c-type-name "errcode_t"
                      #:description "The libchbouib error codes."
                      #:values '((chbouib/no-memory . "ERR_NO_MEM")
                                 (chbouib/not-found . "ERR_NOT_FOUND")
                                 (chbouib/invalid   . "ERR_INVALID")))