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3.3 G-Wrap’s Code Generation API

When creating Scheme bindings for a C programming interface with G-Wrap, one first needs to create a wrapset (see Wrapsets). Once a wrapset has been created and wrapped types and functions have been added to it, G-Wrap is ready to proceed with the generation of C code implementing these wrappings.

In the following sections, we will detail the protocol that is used to perform code generation.

As mentionned in the introduction, G-Wrap heavily uses see GOOPS in The GNU Guile Reference Manual, Guile’s object orientation framework. This is what makes G-Wrap highly customizable: each code generation methods may be overloaded or redefined in order to meet the user’s particular needs.

Most of the classes and methods involved in generation of C code are defined in the (g-wrap c-codegen).