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The Free Curriculum Project has received no corporate sponsorship or foundational endowment. (Though we are hosted through the generosity of the non-GNU arm of the Free Software Foundation's Savannah project.) We have voluntarily come together and donate our time and efforts to the end of creating copyleft course materials.

Richard M. Stallman — Honorary

He personally approved an exception Savannah's hosting policy for us. (Savannah is normally restricted to software projects.) He conceived the Free Software Foundation and its Free Documentation License that we use.

Read more about him at his personal page, or pick up a copy of Free Software, Free Society: Selected Essays of Richard M. Stallman, from the GNU Press.

Peter Hutnick

I am the founder of the FCP. I am currently working on an Algebra text. About 1/3 of the text is written, but none of the figures or homework is complete.

I have very strong views on how Algebra should be taught, and this book is an outlet for those ideas.

More generally, I'm 28 years old. I live in Denver Colorado, USA. I have a cat and an associates degree in Computer Science. I briefly lead the SquirrelMail project, so this isn't all totally new to me!

I'm excited about the FCP, and I am excited by your interest!

Michael Schrader

I used to be a coworker with Peter. I became interested in this project after seeing that Peter was the founder, and because I believe it's an honorable and worthy goal.

My professional background involves computer work, both Unix and Windows. My personal interests pertain to history, writing, astronomy, philosophy and more recently health and nutrition.

I attended a religious private school during some of my late grammar school years, and I believe, regardless of the spin they placed upon the curriculum, their approach was more beneficial than the public school system's. My father had to make a choice whether or not to send me to a school that differed with our religion for the higher quality education, or throw me to the wolves. I'm thankful he decided upon the former, despite my rejection of organized religion.

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