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Welcome to the FIM (Fbi IMproved) image viewer homepage

FIM aims to be a highly customizable and scriptable image viewer targeted at users who are comfortable with software like the VIM text editor or the Mutt mail user agent.
It derives from the Fbi image viewer by Gerd Hoffmann.
It can display pictures on screen via the following video devices/modes:
The right video mode gets auto-detected or selected at runtime, and may be opted in/out before build at configure time, if desired.
FIM is free software (see licensing info) and it is richly documented (see the documentation section).
FIM's official web page is hosted on Savannah:
FIM's official mirror for stable releases is located on Savannah mirror network:
FIM's official mailing list is at:
FIM is an idea by dezperado, although this software was inspired by the other, forementioned marvelous programs, and some science fiction.  

You can support FIM by supporting the Savannah project, whom network kindly hosts FIM repositories.

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(last update: 30/11/2014)
	FIM NEWS -- history of (main) user-visible changes in FIM.

                Version 0.5-trunk
 * changed librsb library detection: now it's 
   LIBS="librsb-config  --ldflags --extra_libs` " CXXFLAGS="`librsb-config --cflags ` \
   ./configure --enable-matrices-rendering
 * scaling image code slightly faster (thanks to __restrict__ of pointers)
 * status bar will not cover image drawing space unless requested (TODO)
 * "%T" specifier to get (and display) total program used memory
 * "%C" specifier to get (and display) used program cache memory
 * "%c" specifier to get (and display) centering information
 * "%m" specifier to get (and display) mipmap information
 * improved the 'align' (TODO)
 * mipmaps (rescaled images) for e.g. faster display of large images (TODO)
 * image cache will remember alignment within viewport (TODO)
 * viewport info cache size  (TODO)
 * mouse panning with SDL  (TODO)
 * `make fim' eliminated (TODO: r632)
 * experimental JPEG-2000 support via JasPer (TODO: r660)
 * exiftool interface (TODO: r654)
 * customizable SDL window caption line (TODO: r648)
 * customizable status line (TODO: r644,r651)
 * BMP format can be turned off from default (TODO: r664)
 * PCX format support (TODO: r666)
 * opening image files in archives with libarchive (TODO: r665)
 * jump back and forth from the last viewed image with the ' key and 
   the _lastfileindex variable (r667).

                Version 0.4

 * changed --random and introduced --random-no-seed option
 * customizable status bar file info string (--enable-custom-status-bar)
 * introduced --as-text to render printable bytes as text

                Version 0.4-beta

 * interface to the GraphicsMagic library (more graphics formats supported)
 * introduced bitwise AND and OR operators
 * support for rendering "matrix market" numerical matrix files (with librsb)
 * X mode not anymore default in aalib, available at option 
 * libjpeg usage fixes
 * libpng usage fixes (support for PNG_LIBPNG_VER>=10209)
 * documentation improvements (e.g.: fim man page is auto-generated)
 * "imlib2" X-based output device support 
 * "sdl" output device improvements (fullscreen/mouse/windowed options, I/O, ..)
 * more default consolefont options (e.g.: hardcoded consolefonts support)
 * configure option to disable the fim history file
 * improvements to scale, goto, other commands
 * improved directories reading
 * introduced --no-commandline, --no-internal-config switches
 * aggregated some commands for clarity
 * output console can be disabled at configure time
 * important fbdev bug fixes 
 * autocompletion of variable identifiers

        	Version 0.3

 * minor strchr compilation problem on some systems
 * better consolefonts support  
 * much better SDL support (different color modes)
 * negate' feature
 * -S, or 'sanity-check' switch 

               Version 0.3-beta-prerelease

 * auto-generated documentation: more consistency 
 * grammar specification, in man fimrc
 * internal commands,variables,autocommands  reference man page, in man fimrc
 * better internal help mechanisms
 * more control (resolution change,windowed mode) in experimental sdl mode
 * new commands (pread,reverse,shuffle,...) 
 * (temporarily) disabled internal windows splitting 
 * pushing files from a directory
 * several minor and major bugfixes

        	Version 0.3-beta

 * full         support for AAlib (Ascii Art rendering) (-o aa)
 * experimental support for SDLlib (Simple Directmedia Layer) (-o sdl) (X!)
 * experimental PDF, PS, DJVU file support
 * history file support (~/.fim_history)
 * seamless caching and prefetching integration
 * viewing of any type files as bitmaps (unset bits black, set bits white)
 * viewing of any type files as pixmaps (as RGB triples)
 * framebuffer driver now can be disabled at compile time
 * colors inversion: saves a significant fraction of power when viewing documents 

        	Version 0.3-alpha

 * experimental support for AAlib (Ascii Art rendering) (-t)
 * reading image files (-i) and scripts (-p) from stdin
 * runs on the powerpc architecure
 * rewritten from scratch the debug console, now buffered and with scrolling
 * achieved speedup in magnifying pictures
 * achieved speedup in displaying dithered images
 * smarter quoting rules (looser quote checking) when "push"ing files
 * dumping to file execution logs as executable scripts (-W/--write-scriptout)
 * implemented regular expressions matching operator (=~)
 * new default key bindings for split windows control
 * could be compiled with no readline library (--disable-readline)

        	Version 0.2
 * internal windowing (with splitting, resizing, swapping) support
 * .xcf, .fig, .dia, .svg files now viewable via wrapper calls
 * introduced interactive command iteration ( in the [n] form )
 * fim will try to run under screen and over ssh now
 * custom framebuffer device, fonts and gamma are supported
 * enriched compile-time options via the ./configure script
 * vim-styled variable scoping g:,i:,v:,w: (local variables)
 * eradicated some bugs
 * introduced new variables, commands

        	Version 0.2-alpha
 * first windowing functionalities
 * bugs and subtle flaws handling
 * introduced new variables, commands

            	Version 0.1

 * regular expressions for filtering the viewed image list
 * vim-like autocommands
 * command line autocompletion
 * command line history
 * completely customizable key bindings
 * external/internal scriptability


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A screenshot of a regular (framebuffer) FIM run:
A screenshot of an Ascii Art FIM run:

sections: top news documentation screenshots download license copyright bugs


The first document you look at is the README.html, (README) file. Then there are the FIM man page, the FIM language man page, the fimgs script man page, and the doc/FIM.TXT documentation file (slightly outdated but still interesting --- look in the man pages first).
Here links to some relevant sections:

sections: top news documentation screenshots download license copyright bugs

download and build

You are welcome to download the latest (prerelease, dated 30/11/2014) snapshot of FIM:
fim-0.5-trunk.tar.gz ( 654124 bytes )
and the signature file:
fim-0.5-trunk.tar.gz.sig .
If you want to be sure of the files authenticity, you should at least follow these steps:
gpg --search 'dezperado autistici org'
# import the key from a trusted keyserver by following on screen instructions
gpg --verify fim-0.5-trunk.tar.gz.sig

The typical sequence of actions to build FIM, which should suffice is
tar xzf fim-0.5-trunk.tar.gz 
cd fim-0.5-trunk 
./configure --help=short 
# read the ./configure --help=short output: you can give options to ./configure
su -c "make install"

Read the documentation in order to properly install the dependencies.

If you are interested in compiling the freshest repository version, typing
svn export fim
at the command prompt will export the freshest (possibly unstable) version of FIM in a directory named fim, and ready for compilation (see the documentation for details).


sections: top news documentation screenshots download license copyright bugs


FIM is copyright (C) 2007-2014 Michele Martone and derives from the Fbi image viewer by Gerd Hoffmann. See the README.TXT file for a list of contributors.

sections: top news documentation screenshots download license copyright bugs


FIM is free software, licensed under the terms of the GNU Public License version 2 (GPLv2) or later.
You find a FAQ about the GPL here.

sections: top news documentation screenshots download license copyright bugs


They are notes about documented bugs in the BUGS.html (BUGS) file.
You are welcome to report bugs and propose patches only after reading the documentation.

sections: top news documentation screenshots download license copyright bugs