Executor Quick Start Guide

1. Executor requires a shared or synchronized file system. The user creates a task in one computer and another computer that has the required program will execute the task.
Before you start, you have to set up such a file system, shared by multiple computers. Typical examples in a LAN are SMB (Windows or Ubuntu shared directory), sshfs and webdav. The easiest way is to use Dropbox: just create a directory "executor" in your Dropbox folder.

2. Make sure your computer has Java 1.5 or higher.

3. Download the software from savannah and put it in the folder that you created in step 1.
Unzip the executor-???-with-examples.zip file. Start the Executor-???.jar either by clicking it or entering the command:

java -jar Executor-???.jar

4. Repeat step 3 in a couple of computers to check that they see each other (the number of hosts/cores grows in each Executor window).

5. Submit a task using the submit button. The AskTell.jar task included in the example zip file should work on all systems.

6. Check out the FAQ at the project main page.