"Member States and the Commission are to encourage the drawing-up of codes of conduct; this is not to impair the voluntary nature of such codes and the possibility for interested parties of deciding freely whether to adhere to such codes."
— Directive 2000/31/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council


This project has been started in 2005 but has been inactive from 2005 to 2012.


The draft was initially motivated by anti-patterns and the most extraordinary lack of corporate social responsibility at HRS.com
( evaluation at kununu.com, letter to the editor of Stiftung Warentest at xing.com ),
where the author did work as a software consultant. The draft is intended as a countermeasure against companies like this one.

... and, of course, the Great Pyramids

Draft RFC

"Moral culture must be based upon 'maxims', not upon discipline; the one prevents evil habits, the other trains the mind to think. We must see, then, that the child should accustom himself to act in accordance with 'maxims' and not from certain ever-changing springs of action. Through discipline we form certain habits, moreover, the force of which becomes lessened in the course of years. The child should learn to act according to 'maxims', the reasonableness of which he is able to see for himself. One can easily see that there is some difficulty in carrying out this principle with young children, and that moral culture demands a great deal of insight on the part of parents and teachers."
On education (Über Pädagogik), Immanuel_Kant

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