0.5.6 Changes

  • Fix some memory leaks.
  • Fix a core dump when there are too many args for a command in menu config file.
  • Better redraw of menus.
  • code clean up.
  • Add the MaxFit function for windows.
  • New windows can have automatically the focus by adding NewAutoFocus in the window config file.
  • Use autoconf & automake for installation.

0.5-5 Changes

  • Fix memory leaks
  • Fix segfault in the SendTo function

0.5-4 Changes

  • Titles for titlebars on sides

0.5-3 Changes

  • Add the logoEPIwm module
  • Compilation warnings fixed

0.5-2 Changes

  • Core dump fixed
  • do the SendTo and the GoTo functions for send a window to a wanted workspace and to go to a wanted workspace
  • do a NoIcon option that allows to not show icons

0.5 Changes

  • INSTALL and config files updated
  • fixed graphical flashes
  • shortcuts can execute a command or a window manager function
  • workspaces are entirely functionnal
  • every titlebar buttons are functionnal
  • 3 new focus mode (ClickToFocus, FoccusFollowMouse, SloppyFocus)
  • the SmartPlacement has been added
  • cursors have been updated
  • windows can be move in the opaque mode
  • resize is now opaque
  • the AutoRaise function has been added
  • properties menu is available
  • epiwm functions can be added in the application menu.
  • Quit, Restart, SwitchWindow (the classic Alt+Tab function), and others have been added
  • the task menu is dynamically refresh when a window is created or destroyed
  • menu height bug is fixed
  • titlebar can be placed on top, bottom, left or right side of the window
  • titlebar size can be fixed in pixel or in percent
  • styles can be defined for each application (Sticky, WindowListSkip, NoBorder, NoTitle)
  • new motif properties are managed.
  • a theme option (epiwm -theme directory) allows you to load a theme which is not in the ~/.epiwm directory.
  • and fixed many bugs...

0.4-1 Changes

  • memory problems fixe
  • titlebar buttons could be an image

0.4 Changes

  • compilation fixes
  • README, TODO, INSTALL, BUGS files updated
  • fixed move function
  • fixed resize function
  • fixed Imlib location images segfault