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4. Spoilers

This chapter contains hints for some of the difficult levels. You are strongly advised not to read the spoilers unless you are completely stuck. Some levels are intentionally difficult and even veteran Enigma players need hours to solve them. Some levels are easier to solve in easy game mode (see section 2.1.2 Game Options).

4.1 Walkthrough for Tutorial  Hints for Level Pack `Tutorial'
4.2 Hints for `Enigma'  Hints for Level Pack `Enigma'
4.3 Hints for `Enigma 2'  Hints for Level Pack `Enigma 2'

4.1 Walkthrough for Tutorial

The landscapes in the "Tutorial" level pack are supposed to be easy. Except for the last one, which is not... This section of the manual was contributed by Jacob Scott.

This walkthrough is for my level "Advanced Tutorial" in the "Tutorial" level pack (to change level packs, click on "Level Pack" at the bottom-left of the screen and select a level pack). While you are playing, you should read all the documents in a room as soon as possible.

The final goal for this level, as for most Enigma levels, is to find and hit "Oxyd" stones with your black ball. When you hit an oxyd stone, it opens and shows a color. If you hit two oxyd stones of the same color in a row, they will both stay open. Once you've matched up all pairs of oxyd stones in a level, you have completed the level.

The level contains about twenty rooms, organized into three separate areas. In the first area, you will be encounter some of the basic blocks and floor types you will see in Enigma levels and solve a couple of simple puzzles. The second area is more challenging and will introduce you to a useful technique in outthinking an active enemy. The third and final area leads you to experiment with more advanced interactions between Enigma objects. In this particular level, all of the oxyd stones can be found in a single room at the end of area 3.

4.1.1 Area 1

You start in a room surrounded by immovable walls except for a gap to the right, some water near the bottom-left, and a closed gate near the top-left.

Room 1: Go through the gap in the wall to the right.

Room 2: Simply avoid the blocks with pictures of skulls on them.

Room 3: Push the four wooden blocks into the water in the same row to create a bridge to the opposite bank. Now hit the blackish blocks to the right. Move the tan blocks out of the way (maybe to the left) and bridge to the right with the two wooden blocks.

Room 4: Go close to the top. When it begins to chase you, lead it to the left and around the blocks in the center of the room. Once the top is far enough away from the entrance to the next room, run through.

Room 5: The only dangers here are the skulls near the bottom of the room. The first floor type is metal--this floor is similar to the "leaves" floor that you have been traveling on so far. The next floor type is "red"---it is somewhat difficult to slow down or speed up on this floor. The third floor type is ice--there is little friction on this floor. The last floor type is space--there is no friction here; you can't change velocity (speed and direction) when you are on this type of floor.

Room 6: Simply go over the slopes. Then exit to the left by passing over the "inverse" floor--when you are on this type of floor and you push the mouse (or similar controller) in one direction, the ball speeds up in the opposite direction (if you are having trouble here, try turning your mouse around 180 degrees).

Room 7: Try to get the extra ball by putting the movable block on the lower trigger. First hit it up one square and then left six squares. Next hit it five squares down and two squares to the right. Finally hit it one square up and one square to the left. Take the extra ball and then put the block on the other trigger to open the gate in the left wall of the room.

Room 8: Take the dynamite (you will have to go on the ice) and drop it in front of the yellow blocks to blow them up and get past. The spade is unnecessary but you should still experiment with it.

Room 9: Hit the lowest movable block to the left. Now the boulders trying to go to the right are blocking your path. Hit the rightmost movable block (to the left or to the right) to let the boulders past. Take the magic wand (don't accidentally hit any boulders when the magic wand is in the front of your inventory) and hit the movable block above the water down. Now go back to the right of the room, put the magic wand in the front of your inventory, and hit the top three boulders of the long column (try not to get run over by any boulders). Hit the leftmost movable block to the left and go into the next room.

Room 10: Hit the switch. Now hit the two tan blocks up (one square each). Hit the middle (from top to bottom) wooden block to the left and the wooden block that used to be right above it up into the water. Hit the rest of the blocks into the water in the same column (try not to drown). Now hit the window (the blue line) with high speed. Take the ball and cross over to the bridge into the first room. From there go through the open gate.

4.1.2 Area 2

In area two, you will encounter a rotor, which is an active enemy of your black ball. Different rotors can act slightly differently, but they are never very smart. The way to get past it is to trick it to do what you want it to do, while keeping yourself out of danger.

Look around this area (but don't hit the movable block yet). You need to get through the three closed gates at the top of this area.

First gate: Hit the white ball to the left (don't accidentally go through the black one-way block) to free it (this may require a few tries). Take the spoon and hit the white ball through the white one-way block hard enough so that it doesn't get stuck. Now go through the black one-way block and hit the white ball through the passageway. Hit the white ball hard enough through the next white one-way block so it doesn't get stuck beneath it. Once the white ball is through, use the spoon; you restart at the beginning of the level and are no longer trapped. Go back up through the gate--the first gate near the top of this room is open.

Second gate: Hit the movable block in the rightmost room of this area to the right and run. A document with useful information should appear in the gate connecting area one and area two. Bring the rotor (by making it chase you, like you did with the top) to above the wall to the right of the gate between the first two areas. Run through the gate and go over the bridge to the room below you. Hit the switch to close the gate and return to the room where you initially started. You will no longer be able to see the rotor--it won't be in the room where you will be--but if you look carefully, you will be able to see where it is. The goal here is to, without exposing yourself to any danger, get the rotor to go to a trigger and open a gate for you. Get the rotor to follow you from the top-right of this room to the top-left of the room. It should be pushed to the left by some slopes. Bring the rotor down on the left until it will not continue and you hear the sound of a trigger being pushed. Hit the switch to open the gate and return to area two--the second gate should be open.

Third gate: Simply hit the movable block that the rotor started under to the trigger in the room where it started. Return to the room to your left--the third gate should be open. Go through the three open gates.

4.1.3 Area 3

In area three you need to explore the interactions between particular Enigma objects. Here you will find lasers, mirrors, and coins. You will need to solve a simple laser-and-mirror puzzle to get a laser to hit a particular stone, which will open a bridge to the next room. To get past the next few rooms, you will need to create some new objects by hitting existing objects with the laser beam.

In the first part of this area there are three mirrors and a laser with a switch.

Room 1: You need to get the laser to hit the black stone. Hit the bottom-left mirror down one square and orient it so that it looks like a "\" by hitting it slowly (it should be thirty squares directly to the left of the laser). Hit the top-left mirror eight squares to the left, one square down, and orient it so that it looks like a "/" (it should be four squares directly above the previous mirror). Hit the top-right mirror two squares up and then three squares to the right (it should be twenty-two squares directly to the right of the previous mirror and one square below the black stone). Put this mirror in the "/" orientation. Now hit the switch to turn on the laser (don't get hit by or roll over the laser beam). Once it is completely up, go over the bridge to your right.

Room 2: Take some coins and return to the previous room. By turning off and on the laser, hit one of the coins with the laser beam. Take the object produced (an umbrella), repeat the process, and take the second umbrella. Now drop one of the coins next to a mirror and hit the mirror over it. Hit this coin with a value of five with the laser beam to produce a hammer. Hit the hammer with the laser beam (by turning the laser off and on) to produce a sword. If you want some more balls, you can hit mirrors over coins twice and hit the coins of increased value (to ten, the highest possible) with the laser. To return to the room with the knights, put the mirrors back in their initial positions, remove all objects blocking the laser, and hit the switch. Now use the right mouse button or the "tab" key to get the sword in the front (left) of your inventory. Hit some of the knights (four times each) to get past.

Room 3: Use an umbrella and travel over the abyss to the room below you and then into the room to your right. If the ring surrounding you begins to blink, use another umbrella.

Room 4: Simply match the oxyd stones by hitting oxyds of the same colors as the activated oxyd stones (one at a time). Don't hit the fart stones (the black stones). You win!

4.2 Hints for `Enigma'

#3: Pharaohs' Tombs
Don't take the papyrus.

#5: Sokoban Revival
Remember? This was the first level in the original Sokoban... So it can't be that hard!

#9: Floppy Swapping
First, find the floppy disk and the magic wand, you will need them. Second, always keep the floppy and the wand with you. Third, some stones look alike but don't behave alike.

#14: Lasers 101
Push two of the mirrors to the top and one to the bottom. By moving the mirrors around and by aiming carefully you can hit all of the Oxyd stones with a laser beam.

#15: The Grim Reaper
Ever thought of turning your mouse upside-down???

#16: Knock Knock
Listen carefully, look carefully.

#22: Way to Go
One of the blue dots behaves differently. Make use of that fact!

#29: Push Your Way
Find the magic wand first!

#30: Meditation
Align the marbles horizontally.

#32: Space Pirates
This one is tricky. Ignite a bomb near the wooden stones.

#37: Twelve doors
You opened all the doors and still can't get through? You must have missed something!

#48: Tricks and Traps
Cannot get out of the first screen? Focus on the small blinking dot first. Cannot find the last Oxyd stone? Activate three of the large blinking dots on the first screen and the small one on the third screen.

#56: Hidden Treasure
Make sure you always have access to the room with the switch on the floor. Then search for the second screen with the "hidden treasure".

#71: Light Switches
Jam the lasers in case you're not fast enough.

#81: Flood Gates
Carefully flooding certain areas can be useful. Do not leave the first room without activating the lower switch.

#87: Walk the Plank
Not enough of a pirate to master the this level? There is a different, easier route.

#96: Where Am I?
Make use of the wooden stones if you have lost your way.

#110: Draggers
Admitted, this level is evil. There's a seed hidden near your starting point.

#113: Robbery
Enter the bank through cracks in the floor.

#115: Laser Magic
It's time to learn a few things about object transformations. Experiment!

#135: Control Panel
The message in the left room tells you how to arrange the blocks on the first rows of triggers. From there, use the color codes indicated in the left room.

#137: Question of Speed
Or rather: Question of Seed???

4.3 Hints for `Enigma 2'

#12: Easy?
Put the first shogun stone in the upper left corner, and the second one above the rightmost shogun dot.

#16: Wells
Afraid to die?

#33: Welcome to the Machine
The message near the upper-right corner contains an important hint.

#34: Use the PIN
... or use your favourite encyclopedia if you don't recall the right number.

#62: TNT Shortage?
It's easier with a hammer!

#68: What's the Problem?
Decoys all over the place... this is a meditation landscape.

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