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[Picture. Emacs 21.2 tinytf.el package in action]
White paper management package, tinytf.el, in action (photo from Windows native Emacs 21.2). Many pages in this site have been created with it.

[Picture. Emacs 21.2 tinypath.el package in action]
[Picture. Emacs 21.2 tinypath.el package in action]
Above; File monitoring package, tinypath.el, in action (photo from Windows native Emacs 21.2). You can divide lisp package files to separate directories and there is no need to manually update variables load-path and Info-default-directory-list. Install new packages and run M-x tinypath-cache-regenerate and your Emacs is up to date. The cache also speeds up loading packages with require, load, load-library, load-file. Refer to above link install for more information.

[Picture. Emacs 21.2 tinyirc.el package in action]
Pastebot server interface in action from package tinyirc.el (photo from Windows native Emacs 21.2). PasteBot servers can be used as semi-pemanent stores for code examples, showing system error messages or sharing configuration tips. The PasteBot servers are handy in IRC channels where bigger texts (over 10 line) can be sent for review. Supports numbering lines in the messages for more detailled inspection of the problem: "Hey, look at line 19". Note: PasteBot servers are independent from IRC servers and can be used for any textual information exchange.


Future: Major changes in the installation and overall package structure is being planned. Installation and package activation will become more modular and easier to use. Utilities can be activated one by one basis. Monolithic tiny-setup.el will be phased out and split into separate files. Proper Debian packages.

2008-08: Savannah transition completed. Development continues with new distributed version control software

2007-08: Sourcefoge project move started. Project transition started to Savannah under more powerful Git version control sofware.

2003-05: Library cleanup continues. More functions have been checked and converted to prpoper prefixed to avoid possible clashes in Emacs (hasn't happened for many years though). Extensive speedup improvements to tinypath.el's load time.

2002-09: Emacs 21.x compatibility issues are under work. library cleanup is in progress. XEmacs compatibility is under testing.

2001-12: The CVS structure and package's directory structure has been redesigned. The HTML documentation is now bundled as well as the plain/text source. The namespace cleanup work has been finished and kit should now be free of any possible clashing functions. The setup center tiny-setup.el has been made better and more automatic. More features are now enabled. There are no known Emacs 21.1 compatibility problems.

2001-07: a "namespace-cleanup" work was started to ensure that all custom functions contain a proper library prefix. This cleanup work is necessary to isolate the tools from other, possibly conflicting, namespaces. It has no user visible changes, but due to massive work that it needs, expect to see weird bugs in snapshots stamped after this date. Work is in progress to polish package build and release methods so that everything would be automatic. Latest releases of the code can be found only from CVS.

Brief History

All the programs in Tiny Tools kit are released under GPL http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html. Tiny Tools is an on-going "hobby", that started with one Emacs package, then next, and next in 1994 to help use Emacs more conveniently in daily work. Last Unix-only kit was released at the beginning of 1999 using Emacs 19.28 and 20.1. It had very little Win32 Emacs support and even more little XEmacs support (19.14). There has been period of inactivity, due to normal requirements in daily work. The Operating systems, version control software and repositories have changed multiple times.

Platform Support

These utilities support quite well cross platform Emacs / XEmacs in all Windows Native / Cygwin and Unix environments.

Emacs Version Compatibility

Operating systems currently supported are, in order of importance, are below. The Cygwin environment is almost identical to Unix, but it requires special handling especially when both Emacs version can use it (Windows native Emacs and Cygwin Emacs). For example package tinyigrep.el can be used to grep recursively through many defined databases to locate and replace files in full project tree in both Windows and Cygwin Emacs versions.
    Linux/Unix: Emacs and XEmacs
    Windows native environment (NT Emacs and NT XEmacs)
    Windows Cygwin environment (Cygwin Emacs and Cygwin XEmacs)
The minimum criterias for versions are:
    Emacs   20.1+   ( 21.2+ preferred )
    XEmacs: 20.4+   ( 21.4+ preferred )


There no mailing list for the project. Contact maintainer as needed by including "tiny-tools" in the subject (otherwise message may be classified as spam by the filters). Report suggestions and problems to bug tracker. In order to use trackers, a Savannah account is needed.

Version Control

To download and install sources from development tree with git (see link "the tutorial" for quick guide).
        $ cd $HOME/elisp/packages
        $ git clone git://git.savannah.nongnu.org/emacs-tiny-tools.git emacs-tiny-tools.git
        $ git checkout --track -b devel origin/devel

	... to get new updates from time to time
        $ git pull

To install, add following lines to ~/.emacs startup file:

        (require 'cl)
        (push "~/elisp/packages/emacs-tiny-tools.git/lisp/tiny" 'load-path :test 'string=)
        (push "~/elisp/packages/emacs-tiny-tools.git/lisp/other" 'load-path :test 'string=)

GNU GPL All files in this project are licensed under GNU GPL.
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