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Q.7 Crear marcos

The prefix key C-x 5 is analogous to C-x 4, with parallel subcommands. The difference is that C-x 5 commands create a new frame rather than just a new window in the selected frame (@pxref{Pop Up Window}). If an existing visible or iconified frame already displays the requested material, these commands use the existing frame, after raising or deiconifying as necessary.

The various C-x 5 commands differ in how they find or create the buffer to select:

C-x 5 2

Create a new frame (make-frame-command).

C-x 5 b bufname RET

Select buffer bufname in another frame. This runs switch-to-buffer-other-frame.

C-x 5 f filename RET

Visit file filename and select its buffer in another frame. This runs find-file-other-frame. @xref{Visiting}.

C-x 5 d directory RET

Select a Dired buffer for directory directory in another frame. This runs dired-other-frame. See section Dired, the Directory Editor.

C-x 5 m

Start composing a mail message in another frame. This runs mail-other-frame. It is the other-frame variant of C-x m. @xref{Sending Mail}.

C-x 5 .

Find a tag in the current tag table in another frame. This runs find-tag-other-frame, the multiple-frame variant of M-.. See section Tags Tables.

C-x 5 r filename RET

Visit file filename read-only, and select its buffer in another frame. This runs find-file-read-only-other-frame. @xref{Visiting}.

You can control the appearance of new frames you create by setting the frame parameters in default-frame-alist. You can use the variable initial-frame-alist to specify parameters that affect only the initial frame. See (elisp)Initial Parameters section `Initial Parameters' in The Emacs Lisp Reference Manual, for more information.

The easiest way to specify the principal font for all your Emacs frames is with an X resource (@pxref{Font X}), but you can also do it by modifying default-frame-alist to specify the font parameter, as shown here:

(add-to-list 'default-frame-alist '(font . "10x20"))

Here's a similar example for specifying a foreground color:

(add-to-list 'default-frame-alist '(background-color . "blue"))

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