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Q.5 Clics del ratón para menúes

Mouse clicks modified with the CTRL and SHIFT keys bring up menus.


This menu is for selecting a buffer.

The MSB ("mouse select buffer") global minor mode makes this menu smarter and more customizable. @xref{Buffer Menus}.


This menu is for specifying faces and other text properties for editing formatted text. @xref{Formatted Text}.


This menu is mode-specific. For most modes if Menu-bar mode is on, this menu has the same items as all the mode-specific menu-bar menus put together. Some modes may specify a different menu for this button.(2) If Menu-bar mode is off, this menu contains all the items which would be present in the menu bar--not just the mode-specific ones--so that you can access them without having to display the menu bar.


This menu is for specifying the frame's principal font.

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