ecp is intended to be an extended version (`extended cp') of the GNU coreutils' cp.

What it does do is the following:
- display progress indication as it copies (on a per file basis)
- copy to and from ftp's (only single files at the moment)
- works like ``mv'' with the proper command line switches enabled

The idea behind ecp is that wget, scp and cp can efficiently be combined into one program, unifying the syntax and usage of them all.
This is of course merely an idea, and its realisation is still far off.
Most of all, this is a program for exploring various I/O solutions and efficient handling of deeply nested trees both local and remote.
The project is still in its early stages.

All help and all ideas on/about this project is most welcome.

The latest snapshot - which is currently 0.1.5 beta - can be downloaded from the download page