DynArray: Dynamically Resizing Array Library


This project is not part of the GNU Project.

DynArray is a library of C X-Macros for aiding programmers in the creation and manipulation of dynamically resizing arrays.

Dynamically resizing arrays, as the name might imply, are arrays that will automatically resize themselves based on the number of elements that you add and remove from them. This removes the problem in fixed-size arrays where there can only be a fixed number of elements.

The trade-off is that whenever you insert a new element, you have to resize the array, which may include moving the entire array to a separate point in memory so there is space. However, we plan on implementing certain features into DynArray that will make this much simpler.

Further into the future of DynArray (for version 1.x), we plan on implementing functions for creating foreach loops and other useful features surrounding dynamically resizing arrays.

This project is developed by Entertaining Software, Inc. Visit us at http://www.entertainingsoftware.com/.

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