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Introduction to dgrey

dgrey is a greylisting policy server that allows greylist information to be synchronized between multiple mail servers. All information is shared between the nodes and the nodes are equal - there is no master. The nodes may lose communication for a while, and still be able to correctly resynchronize later. This works because all nodes keep a log of changes to the database. All communication is done across TCP connections, which can optionally be password protected.

dgrey works with mail transfer agents such as Postfix and Exim.

dgrey is written in Perl by Oskar Liljeblad. It is partially based on and heavily inspired by Postgrey by David Schweikert.


Release history and list of changes for dgrey can be found in the NEWS file in the source code. This file is also available online:

Downloading dgrey

The latest official release of dgrey can always be downloaded by following this link:

dgrey is hosted on Savannah. Previous releases can be found in the file area.


dgrey documentation is available online in HTML format:

Request an Enhancement

If you would like any new feature to be included in future versions of dgrey, please send a request to <oskar@osk.mine.nu>.

Please remember that development of dgrey is a volunteer effort, and you can also contribute to its development.

Report a Bug

If you think you have found a bug in dgrey, then you should send as complete a report as possible to either the mailing list, or the maintainer Oskar Liljeblad.


dgrey is currently being maintained by Oskar Liljeblad <oskar@osk.mine.nu>.