Contribute to Dawn

Here we will inform how to contribute to Dawn, what libraries we're using, our programming philosophy, coding style, etc... To be edited. ;)

Looking for...

Dawn is open source and freeware. There is no money involved. No donations or commercial fundings. Therefore we depend on people willing to work on Dawn on their free time. We are looking for several persons to join our project group and help making Dawn as great as possible. If you are not listed below, but still want to contribute don't hesitate to contact us and describe what you want to do.


We're short of programmers at the moment and need your help! Most wanted right now is an experienced OpenGL programmer to optimize and maintain the OpenGL code. Our philosophy is that Dawn will run on both Linux and Windows (and other platforms in the future, Mac, BSD, etc). It's also important to have in mind that the game should be playable on older computers.

Graphical artists

On the graphic department we're in need of lots and lots of art, a quick taste would be:

Story writer

We currently have a base story set for Dawn. We need help completing this however. If you are interested you can read more here.

Musician/sound designer

Can you bring more life into the game by composing music or creating sounds? We would love to hear from you!