Gateway to the East – The Free City of Arinox

As one of the oldest cities in the West, Arinox lies not far from the edge of the Great Barrens. The city occupies the middle of a large land bridge between the Sea of Daggers to the south and Lake Vespith to the north. This bridge is the only land route from the East, and as a result, all trade roads pass through it. In times long past, Arinox served as a merchant hub and was one of the busiest and richest cities in both the West and the East. Now it serves as a rest and supply stop for Eastern caravans bound for the more “civilized” lands farther to the west. The population has dwindled and the city today is but a shadow of its former self. Owing to its isolated position on the edge of the Western lands, Arinox has managed to largely keep out of the intrigues and political scheming that is so prevalent in the West. While many smaller city-states have been absorbed by their larger neighbors, Arinox has managed to stay independent to this day through a combination of careful diplomacy, good statesmanship and sheer luck.


Rake Fleetwood (trader)

Ornad Saidor (Quest NPC)